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HELP – We urgently need a new DISHWASHER

Posted in Te Wahi Ora News

The women of Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat urgently need a new DISHWASHER / STERILISER 

And we need your help to get one!

We have been given a grant of $2000 by The Trusts Community Foundation – but need to raise more money for the purchase. We still need $4000.

If 160 women gave $25 this could be achieved… if you felt like being more than one woman that would also be much appreciated 🙂

We have set up a specific GIVE A LITTLE page for ‘Project Dishwasher’

Our beloved Starline dishwasher has given over 20 years of faithful service to 1000s of wonderful women. Starline has been resurrected countless times, and had many near death experiences… but it is now time for her to find her final resting place at the metal recycler. We shall miss her, remember her and look forward to meeting her successor.