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ACCOMMODATION and MEALS – private rooms with all meals provided. Tea and coffee facilities in room. For more information please see our accommodation page.


COUNSELLING  – The changes and crises of life can be lonely, bewildering and even frightening times. Te Wahi Ora offers women a safe, nurturing, supportive environment to either visit for 2 hours of one to one counselling (cost negotiable) or stay as a guest and receive counselling when it’s needed for a special price of $60 for each session.   We do not need to journey alone! Bev Holt is a highly experienced counsellor working from a basis of psychosynthesis and Women’s Spirituality. Bev is ably assisted by Hilary Star.

SPIRITUAL SUPPORT  – Women have often had a raw deal with ‘religion’. Yet in spite of this we have the responsibility and inner drive, to discern and discover for ourselves a spirituality that supports us in every aspect of our lives. In my experience, we women are never really well or happy unless sustained by our own organic, effective Spirituality.

ORGANIC i.e. “arising from one’s own inner being. Not transplanted from elsewhere.”

In a 2 hour session (cost negotiated) you are helped to explore the events, feelings and thoughts happening in your life, to see their significance, their meaning, and thereby better grasp the truth, the purpose in it all and regain your perspective and sense of personal worth.

HOLISTIC LIFE COACHING – Maureen Buchan-Reid BSc(Hons)Psych, PGDipSW, DipLC, offers her time for a Koha, to the guests of Te Wahi Ora. Her work aims to bring balance into life via Coaching, Meditation, QiGong and T’ai Chi.

BUSH AND BEACH WALKS – We cannot over-estimate the healing, restorative benefits of paddling along the extensive North Piha Beach or wandering up to the Kitekite Falls, or hiking down into Karekare or Anawhata or tackling some of the Hilary Trail or strolling to the lookouts on each cliff top to sit quietly contemplating the magnificent views that go on and on as far as the eye can see!


MASSAGE – We can arrange for one of our talented local massage therapists to come to the retreat centre and give you a wonderful relaxing massage during your stay. Pricing for Te Wahi Ora guests: $60 for an hour or $80 for 90 minutes. Lomi Lomi Massage with Inge / Relaxation Massage or Bowen Therapy with Doris.

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE – Inge Schlemper.

The Hawaiian, Lomi Lomi Massage, also called “Loving Touch”, works gently but deeply into the muscles and connective tissue using continuous flowing strokes totally nurturing the body and promoting free and abundant flow of life energy.

As typical for the Hawaiian massage, I use both my hands and forearms and work with organic coconut oil moving simultaneously in flowing motion on two parts of the body at the same time. The body is draped with a massage sheet as usual, uncovering larger areas at a time while the table is heated leaving you warm.

As appropriate for the recipient I include gentle stretches that help release blockages and leave a sense of renewed flexibility and spaciousness.

The focus of this Hawaiian Massage is about returning harmony and balance to the body and mind allowing for more clarity and a sense of peace.

My name is Inge Schlemper, originally from Germany, I have been working at the Te Wahi Ora Centre for the last 4 years. My interests and study have all been centered around Health and Wellbeing of Mind and Body. This particular form of massage has been adopted from a Hawaiian Teacher ‘Carrie Rowell’ and is gentle yet very powerful.

…and often do we hear the comment afterwards, “the best massage I have ever had”.


Doris grew up in Germany where she trained and later worked as a physiotherapist.

In 1991 she came to New Zealand on a holiday and fell in love with the country. She decided to emigrate to New Zealand in 1996, to work as a physiotherapist and live at Piha with her Kiwi born partner. Darrell and Doris have 2 children.

Doris started to work at Te Wahi Ora in 1998, giving relaxing massages to it’s guests (and Te Wahi Ora has not allowed her to stop ever since!)

In 2010 she completed her training in Bowen Therapy and has been passionate about this holistic bodywork since then.

Doris offers massages and Bowen Treatments at Te Wahi Ora and enjoys “spoiling” her female clients thoroughly.