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Holistic Health – Healthy and Strong Immune System

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Welcome to our very first Community Health Zoom talk with Susan!

Te Wahi Ora continues to be present in spirit and, now, Zoom, connecting women and providing extended services.

Susan will be explaining the importance of a healthy immune system, simple & practical tips on helping you to support your journey to a healthy immune system.

1h session will include the following topics:

1. Introduction into the Structure & Function of the Immune System:

Why is a strong Immune System so important? What happens if our Immune System is weakened?

2. Natural Ways to Improve your Immune Function:a) Lifestyle
b) Nutrition
c) Herbal Medicines

3. Questions & AnswersJust a little something to give back to Te Wahi Ora as a gift for the time, energy and love during this tough time.This session is koha based $5/$10/$15 or you choose what you feel like or able to offer at the time.

Donations can be sent directly to

Te Wahi Ora Bank: ASB, West City Branch Henderson
A/C name: Te Wahi Ora Charitable Trust
A/C No: 12-3232-0135899-00

Meeting available on ZOOM:

Topic: Holistic Health – Healthy and Strong Immune System
Time: Sep 17, 2021 04:30 PM Auckland, WellingtonJoin Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 826 4628 9587
Passcode: 194314


Susan Eckert is a member of Te Wahi Ora super team & passionate holistic health practitioner.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Much Love,
Te Wahi Ora & Susan