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Online Yoga classes at PIHA

Posted in Te Wahi Ora News

DACE KAININA, one of our Te Wahi Ora Team, missed out on the Govt Wage Subsidy because of her immigration status, so she is being creative in her desire to eat.

Dace, is a yoga teacher and experienced in on-line yoga classes. She wonders if there are women who would like to join an online yoga class here in Piha.

A Koha ($10+) for a class or ($20+) for a personal session, would help Dace and she is confident in her yoga teaching  style’s effectiveness.

Contact Dace Kalnina on email:
Phone 020 419 06621
or leave a message at Te Wahi Ora, 09 8128775


Instagram: @dacekala

 (Dace can help you to down-load a free Zoom programme on your device.)

Later in the month it will hopefully be possible for a class to meet at Piha or in the garden at Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat!

How cool, and how healing, to hold a yoga pose by Lion Rock or at the Kitikiti Waterfall.

“My yoga teaching,” says Dace, “is rooted in self-healing and recovery after injuries and trauma.”

“I encourage students to move at their own pace and work slowly towards new yoga poses.

I am often called to help women develop breathing exercises and alleviate sleep difficulties.

It is the practice of slow paced yin shapes and breath-based hatha vinyasa style, but also draws on other types of yoga.”

Yin/Yang Yoga

The class is designed based on micromovement in stillness, relaxing connective tissues between muscles and the joints. It is a very slow-paced, restorative practice, which allows your body – and mind – to relax.   Yin practice is a great mind trainer, helping you deal with discomforts in your life. Yin Yoga opens up these deep, dense, rarely touched areas. All levels are welcomed.

Vinyasa Flow

A vinyasa flow focuses on the synchronization of breath and continuous flow of movement.

This class is designed to help you find foundational strength, freedom of movement and a connection to your breath.  Perfect for those new to yoga. All levels, bodies and souls are welcomed.


Samma Karuna Healing School 200YTT (Thailand, 2016)

Malaysia Yoga Sports Federation, Teaching Assistant (Malaysia, 2016)
Non-violence communication course (Indonesia, 2016)

Wat Pa Tam Wua Forest Monastery, School of Vipassana and Mindfulness (Thailand, 2016)
Himalayan Yoga Association 300YTT (India, 2019)

Pranam Yoga Joseph Alignment and Pranayama (Breathwork) (India, 2019)

Yoga Dunia Yin Yoga 55YTT (Indonesia, 2019)