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May 31 – June 02

Facilitator: Denise Wilson

Denise Wilson encounters and coaches numerous remarkable women who all share one common trait: immense potential. 

Despite their accomplishments, they often doubt themselves and their ability to make a significant impact and bring about change in the world. This potential could manifest in your personal or professional life.

Life presents us with challenges and opportunities alike. How we navigate these obstacles and rise to face them with confidence to create meaningful impact across all aspects of our lives begins with self-belief.

If you resonate with the Women as Leaders initiative, you aim to:

  • Discover your voice and nurture your personal growth and well-being
  • Embrace small personal adjustments or tackle significant changes
  • Embrace your possibilities and uncover your potential
  • Lead yourself and others or provide support
  • Shape the impact you desire in your life
  • Embrace your power and ignite your passions

The retreat offers time for relaxation, reflection, and an opportunity to appreciate the serene surroundings of Te Wahi Ora and the natural beauty of Piha.

The usual accommodation rates apply. Koha for workshop is welcome. 

Unlocking Your Potential weekend programme:

Friday 30 May

Dinner 6pm

Arrive in Piha hopefully with a little time to unwind before dinner.

Denise will introduce us to the programme for the weekend

Saturday 1 June

10am morning session

We will meet in the morning at 10am to begin exploring what it means to unlock our potential and what might be limiting us. 

Then there will be some free time before lunch

1230 lunch

A short session after lunch

Then free time in the afternoon to reflect and experience Te Wahi Ora and Piha.

4pm session 

We gather to talk of our reflections and ideas.

Then a short break before dinner

6pm Dinner by the fire

Sunday 2 June

11am We identify new decisions around our beliefs and a way forward

1pm lunch and leave around 2:30 for home