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Sunset Flow & Yin with Te Wahi Ora on Zoom

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Slow flow movement and restorative yin practice, meditation and improving our breathing patterns for a great start of the day. All levels, bodies and souls are welcomed!

The session is provided on a donation basis $5/$10/$15 or you choose Just a little something to give back to Te Wahi Ora as a gift for the time, energy and love during this tough time.

Donations can be sent directly to Te Wahi Ora Bank: ASB, West City Branch Henderson
A/C name: Te Wahi Ora Charitable Trust
A/C No: 12-3232-0135899-00

Or Dace via or by messaging Te Wahi Ora FB page directly to book on.

We hope you feel this donation is a fabulous personal investment for 60-75 minutes of complete YOU TIME!

You deserve it, gift yourself this permission.

Join Zoom Meeting

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 831 4732 4401

Passcode: 243383

What is Flow and Yin?

First part of the session flowing into traditional movement of Vinyasa to warm up and gently move into deep Yin. Yin is a very slow-paced, restorative practice, with an emphasis on alignment, and postures that are held for up to five minutes, which allows your body – and mind – to relax and surrender into poses.

Why Yin?

Many people avoid Yin practice because they find the long holds uncomfortable. Yin encourages you to sit through the discomfort without fidgeting, and is a great mind trainer, helping you deal with other discomfort in your life.


The practice is a form of meditation, and helps you learn how to surrender.

Yin gently increases flexibility as it targets the (usually very stiff) deep connective tissues between the muscles, whereas other forms of yoga work with the more pliable muscles. So you’re getting a completely different kind of stretch.

What to bring?

Pillows, bolsters, cushions to help you to build the comfort around shapes + a strap (it can be a belt or long scarf) and your matt. Wear trousers and long sleeves as during this practice we don’t generate much internal heat unlike other forms of yoga. Grab a pair of socks and a blanket with you to snuggle yourself up.

Read more about Dace`s Yoga journey.

You can join us on Zoom.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!


Much Love,

Te Wahi Ora & Dace

Very first Zoom Yoga with Te Wahi Ora. We had supporters joining from many parts of New Zealand and even Australia!