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Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the goods we have been donated from the following organisations and businesses:

Thank you to The Trusts Community Foundation for the first $2000 towards our much needed new DISHWASHER / STERILISER.

And to the 29 people that made individual donations via our Project Dishwasher – Give a Little campaign to make up the total amount needed. For more information click here>> 

Thank you ACORN STAIRLIFTS for donation of a stairlift to help women that need assistance to get to our upstairs dining room.

Thank you to TRILLIAN TRUST for the electricity generator. Piha, due to all the beautiful trees we are blessed to be surrounded by, is susceptible to power-cuts during big storms and the generator helps ensure the freezer etc stays on and the food fresh.

Thank you to BEDS R US for a new comfortable bed mattress for the retro caravan. Te Wahi Ora and the quests that sleep on it thank you.