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  • The walks will start from Te Wahi Ora Women's Retreat
  • North Piha looking south

Never before in history have we had a world of women so educated, so liberated, so aware, so determined and with food supplies and health services ‘so almost’ available!   Yet there is still so far to go.   Still too many women are overworked and overlooked.   Not only are families dependent on women but every major issue in society is calling on the input of women as the lack of the feminine energy and perspective over centuries, becomes increasingly obvious.  

The Te Wahi Ora Charitable Trust began its Women’s Retreat at Piha as a place where women could explore in a relaxed setting the issues upper-most in their lives, either through conversations with other women or through inner personal reflection while wandering the beach and bush trails.

Our Ethos, the story of our name, the unfolding of our Vision and our beliefs as expressed on our Website, explains how  Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat, established by women in 1991, continues to thrive as a place for women, run by women to support women as they face the challenges of life.

Te Wahi Ora provides short-term accommodation and services, that nurture, relax and promote healing.   As women share their wisdom, skill, experience and insight, lives are revitalized with a fresh glimpse of their purpose, meaning and value.   

Because the welfare and plight of all women everywhere is interconnected with the welfare and plight of our own lives, Te Wahi Ora exists to encourage every woman to be all she aspires to be.