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Testimonials from our guests:

March 2022
Feedback from our new ‘Women’s Surfing Weekends’ – Learn to surf, build ocean confidence and HAVE FUN within a group of supportive women. Open to all ages and skill levels.

Evening Bev,

Well I certainly returned to what I left behind but at least better nourished in body and spirit.

I think what Te Wahi Ora offers is a necessity in today’s frantic life and really happy to support it in whichever way I can. The donation is only small but I hope it helps.

I’d like to believe I will in the future be part of/create a sanctuary of whanaungatanga and wairua for many more women of maori and pasifika descent. When the time is right.

I am going to thoroughly enjoy creating the gifts from the recipe book and will be cultivating some long awaited health and well-being in my own household.

Arohanui Kuia

P A, August 2020

Dear Te Wahi Ora,

I find it hard to express myself in person, however, I wanted to convey that these few days provided respite I desperately needed after realising how my treatment resistant depression had started to dangerously spiral downhill.

I so enjoyed connecting with others in a relaxed, safe environment and connecting with nature. I’m planning a visit again within 3 months!

Carol, June 20

Facebook, October 2020

Words fall too short in describing my admiration of Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat. What a service to pioneer! This transition in my life will forever influence my future. How can I ever thank you enough?

H R, July 2020

From our Facebook page: Deborah, Dec 2020

Why do I come to Te Wahi Ora?
I’ve just returned from a bush walk where I climbed to the top of a cliff and was greeted by the most spectacular view ….. I felt protected and held by the nature that surrounded me. My darkness and pain seemed insignificant among the feelings which were slowly stirring within me. Standing at the top of the cliff I did not want to die or escape the reality of my life. I wanted to live and experience all that the world has to offer.

J, June 2020

I felt safe and secure and able to truly rest for the first time in years. The beautiful food and my chalet were just perfect. I found Piha to be a hugely rejuvenating and spiritual place. I miss the meal time chats with all of your fantastic women, too. It was uplifting for me to talk so deeply with people who have open hearts, experiences, answers and peace!

Thank you for cultivating a safe and beautiful space for women to stay. I will be back!

E W, February 2020

Thank you so much for the lovely stay – it was warm, comforting and just what the Dr ordered. Again I am very grateful – what you provide is incredibly special.

J C, February 2020

Thanks so much for having me to stay this week.
I loved staying at Te Wahi Ora…

I loved the delicious gluten and dairy free food, meeting you and the staff, talking with Miranda, walking the beach and climbing lion rock.

The finale to my stay was my massage with Inge. She has such a gift – her amazing massage techniques, her warmth & positivity, her wisdom & sensitive intuition were hugely appreciated.

M M B, March 2019

Dear Bev and lovely ladies at Te Wahi Ora,

I must say that I love your latest newsletter and I am deeply saddened by the terrorist attacks in Christchurch – sending much love to you all from Sydney.

Thank you for all the inspiration on my two visits to Piha. I’m 40,000 words into my memoir, I haven’t given up yet, despite the fear that I am working through.

I also wrote a book of prayers in the process and self published it as a way to work on my courage, to put myself out there. I think it’s working and I hope my prayers will be of some benefit to others.

Sending you thoughts of abundance. May we all have all of our needs met now and always and may there always be a plentiful supply of resources and cash flowing in!

Thank you for being a safe place for women to come together, rest and express themselves.

K, March 2019

Thanks for letting me have my 50th at your place. It was a lovely party and great food – thank you Christine.

R T, 2019

During my special days at Te Wahi Ora I read a statement that resonated deep within my heart.

“Many trauma survivors hold their breath and their bodies tightly, bracing themselves for whatever is coming next. Staying alert for years takes its toll. Create spaces where you can take your armour off…..”

I cannot thank you enough for creating this space for me, space to breathe, relax and feel the weight of my armour slip away. I will never forget my experience here. ‘Lifesaving’.

I am now very proud and honoured to be a member of the Te Wahi Ora 400 x $10!


I want to say my heartfelt thank you to you and all the staff at Te Wahi Ora… including Inge [one of our massage therapists] and her magical hands!