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The Wynsome Fund

The Wynsome Fund is a fund primarily set aside so we can offer subsidised and fully funded stays to women who need a break and cannot afford one.

Today in New Zealand, there is such a growing need for women to care for themselves so as to be able to care for the welfare of their family.  There are many women who are unwell or need support and rest, but it can be a tremendous drain on their finances and/or their family finances for them to seek the respite they desperately need. The vision behind the Wynsome Fund is to help bridge this gap.

Wynsome Diprose was a co-founder of Te Wahi Ora and a close friend of Bev’s who contributed significantly to co-creating the philosophy behind Te Wahi Ora. Sadly Wynsome died of cancer the year Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat began offering retreats for women. The significance of her contribution to the vision that is Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat is one of the ways we remember her and her legacy of caring.

Wynsome had a heart for family, raising six boys of her own and ministering to many young people in New Zealand and beyond to places like Singapore and Kolkata (formerly Calcutta)

One of the questions we ask the women who apply for funding is, “How much can you afford to pay?”  Many of them say $0.  Perhaps that’s a question we can ask you too, “How much can you afford to give to help more of these women get the support they need?”

The more people who can contribute to the Wynsome Fund, the more chance we here at Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat have to give women a space to rest and heal, while assisting them to change some of the patterns that cause their distress and hopefully break cycles.

Heal our women – heal our country – heal our world  


There are two ways to make a one-off donation. Via internet banking or using our ‘Give a Little’ page.

For donation by internet banking our account details are below:
Account name: Te Wahi Ora Charitable Trust
Branch: WestCity Henderson
Account Number: 12-3232-0135899-00
Reference: WYNSOME
Please make sure you put your name and ‘WYNSOME’ as the reference so we can allocate your donation to the right fund.

Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat is a registered charity.
If you would like tax receipt please email us. Please email

We’d love to hear from you: It warms our hearts and encourages us in our work to hear why you decided to help. Drop us a line and let us know at

Follow this link to get to our ‘Give-a-Little’ page.

Please put ‘The Wynsome Fund‘ in the donation message box so we can allocate your donation to the right fund.