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Below are a series of ways you can donate to the Te Wahi Ora Charitable Trust.

Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat is a Charitable Trust and as such all donations to the Trust are tax deducible. When you make a donation you will be issued with a Donation Tax Receipt.

We rely heavily on volunteers and donations to make up the shortfall with regards to running costs, maintenance, cooking, cleaning and part-time staff. Many of the women who have stayed over the years have come back to help with things such as ‘spring cleaning’ or the ‘garden and grounds working-bee’. Many of the women Te Wahi Ora has helped donate money to our Charitable Trust to help us help other women.Te Wahi Ora is one of the very few Women’s retreats in operation and we are committed to providing relief for women in distress and to be sustainable for future generations.



There are two ways to make a one-off donation. Via internet banking or using our ‘Give a Little’ page.

For donation by internet banking our account details are below:
Bank: ASB, West City Branch Henderson
A/C name: Te Wahi Ora Charitable Trust
A/C No: 12-3232-0135899-00

Please make sure you put your name and ‘TWO DON’ as the reference. If you would like tax receipt email us. We’d love to hear from you: It warms our hearts and encourages us in our work to hear why you decided to help. Please email

THE 400 X 10 PROJECT – 400 supporters to give $10 monthly

Our fees do not cover costs – especially the cost of staffing Te Wahi Ora. Currently we have a project to enable us to employ one full-time person to assist Bev, our honorary manager. We are asking 400 supporters to give $10 monthly, by automatic payment, towards staffing fund. If you are interesting in supporting us to support other women please follow the link below or look under donations in our menu.


PAY IT FORWARD – Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat Gift Voucher

The gift of a ‘rest’ to ‘a break’ can be restorative. It offers time to contemplate what is happening now and imagine new possibilities. Give one of our gift vouchers to a woman you know or pay it forward – we will gift your voucher to one of the many women that approach us for help. Your donation can be named or anonymous.

For more information on the Te Wahi Ora Women’ Retreat Gift Voucher >>CLICK HERE

For a one-off donation follow this link to our ‘GIVE A LITTLE’ page


The Wynsome Fund is a fund primarily set aside so we can offer subsidised and fully funded stays to women who need a break but can’t afford one. The fund is named for the late Wynsome Diprose who was a co-founder of Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat.