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Supporting Grief

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When: 13-15 September 2024

SUPPORTING GREIF – Taking our grief to the bush and ocean

This weekend is designed to give you TIME.
Time to rest.
Time to create an opportunity.
Time to be immersed in Piha’s ocean, beach, cliffs, garden, bed or bush!
Time to reflect on at least three of the great losses in our lives.
Time to feel, observe and integrate into who we are, the meanings that have been emerging from the pain of our loss.
How we see this weekend together unfolding:

As part of creating this time to support our grieving we are looking to create a mixture of formal and informal opportunities to share with one other. We want it keep your time here spacious and responsive to help create time for you to for example: follow up with someone on something they said; write in your journal; go for a long walk and think about things in relation to new information you heard and quietly process in your own way.

The focus for the weekend is Supporting Grief and our intention is to select and look at at least three of the great losses in our lives.

We will meet before both our dinners and lunches over the weekend, to share what we choose to:

To listen to the experiences of other women’s journeys of loss and their grief processes.

To anticipate further insights and healing that can comfort, inspire and perhaps even enrich our daily lives.

To strengthen our resilience around ‘loss’ so we live in awareness of the total picture rather than live in fear of it ‘happening again’.

Why we have decided to offer this weekend?
Over the many years that Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat has been operating we have noticed the powerful healing and understanding that can happen from women sharing their experiences with each other. Often it happens informally over meals, fireside discussions and conversations in the garden. We have watched the women share and gain insight from each others journey.

We have also seen time and time again the simple healing potential of taking the opportunity to walk and be in the wide open natural spaces Piha offers. There is something in the connection to vastness, and being surrounded by natural world that unlocks trapped emotion gently with the wordless support of the energy of the universe

Grieving is what prepares our hearts for recovery from the trauma of loss. Loss is a universal human experience, yet are we taught ‘good grieving’? Be held between the bush covered hills and the dynamic energy of the ocean. Be nurtured in a safe environment, with compassionate women sharing good food and understanding.

“I attended the grief workshop retreat last weekend along with several others. For me it provided the space from usual life to take stock of my life as it transitions from what it’s been into the possibilities of what it will become. Te Wahi Ora and Bev completely supported that. From my clean and welcoming room, to the invitation to be social or private, to the invitation to join a new sisterhood of consciousness to what we are each evolving into, to the invitation to use  the landscape and the ocean to explore and express our emotions, to be truely ourselves, to be supported by the food so precisely prepared and presented, it was a wholesome experience. 
Find yourself at Te Wahi Ora You won’t regret it.”
Robyn, June 2023

Facilitators: Bev Holt and Dace Kalnina

COSTS: See our standard accommodation costs for this weekend. There is no extra fee for this weekend retreat.

Our weekend themed retreats are capped at 6 for residential participants. As places are limited booking is recommended. A deposit will need to be paid at the time of booking.


For more detailed information about each of our accommodation options please see our ACCOMMODATION page.


Please use the online Booking Form or alternatively email us to check availability. Unfortunately we do not have credit card facilities. We are very happy with cash or internet banking. Choose the style of accommodation you would like and book in. Please put ‘SUPPORTING GRIEF WEEKEND’ in the comments area of the form.