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Keeping Te Wahi Ora Afloat

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Our big news is that the ‘equivalent’ of 103 women have joined the 400×10 project (that aims for 400 women making $10 monthly automatic payments). That’s great. We are blessed. Plus other women who contribute monthly to the Wynsome Fund.

The Wynsome Fund is in memory of our co-founder whose generosity always wanted to give ALL women access to healing breaks. It is this spirit that has turned Te Wahi Ora into a Charitable Trust. “I sure am in need of a break and am ecstatic about this chance,” we read on one application for sponsored accommodation.

Bronwen stayed with us in November and wrote “I am keen to support Te Wahi Ora as I totally believe in the need and it is growing greater by the day. I will do what I can for now by volunteering my gardening services when I can and donating $10 a month to the 400 x 10 project. La aroha me rongo (with love in peace)

JB is promising to donate towards a pump that would assist the water pressure in the Seaview Suite!

KP is offering to pay the carpenter for fitting the new door into the Garage Bathroom.

How heart-warming is all that! And there’s lots more …

Moana, who worked for us for many years, has spent the winter picking lemons off ‘friendly’ trees for Te Wahi Ora’s use.

And SB warned us when she returned home from her weekend retreat, that she had made a “sneaky, little donation” for Te Wahi Ora – her $2,000 arrived just as our Trading A/c went into OD and the accountant sent in his bill for the year!

Amazing – thank you, thank you everyone.

Annette, who knew nothing about us !! discovered the work of Te Wahi Ora on line, and wrote,

“Kia ora, What a beautiful kaupapa, to find people to donate for other wahine in their time of need. Mauri Ora. Just donated for 400 x 10 – please email a reminder each year. Nāku iti nei” Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi

No wonder the Team at Te Wahi Ora have courage to keep going – thanks, everyone!

In case any potential new sponsors were wondering what they could do ?

We have broken Chairs that could be fixed for $258 and $50.

We have the chance of Mozzie Screens in each bedroom:
Seaview Suite $285
Chalets $160 each (2)
Daisy Lounge $155
Caravan $155

Click to email us if you’d like to join the 400×10 project or sponsor a one-off improvement!

or go to the 400 x 10 Project page on our website under DONATIONS in the main menu.

As Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat is a Charitable Trust all donations are tax deductable.