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Our greatest improvement is having Ange Wilcock on the team. Ange drives into Piha around 9.30 a.m. She hostesses Te Wahi Ora for 4 days. Then on a Monday evening, you’ll find her driving the 2.5 hours home. Welcome to Te Wahi Ora Ange!

Retreat Centre Improvements

At last, the tin shed, needed to protect our water pump and precious generator donated by the supportive Trillion Trust, is FINISHED! And the new garage-bathroom door is fab! Next improvement on the list will be mozzie screens in bedrooms!

Returning Home Improvements

And Michelle, on returning home from Te Wahi Ora, put some home improvements in place – like bulk meals in her freezer for later use and a friend who brings dinner every Thursday (Michelle’s nightmare day) and joins in the family meal! Good planning, Michelle and fantastic self care!

Kirsty’s Cottage available for women ‘carers’ for koha

Kirsty Garner, now of Otago, has just come through the years of caring for an increasingly unwell partner, and has journeyed through the grief of his dying. Her vision of ‘improving’ the lives of similar women, is to make her Kirsty’s Cottage available for women ‘carers’ who need a break – somewhere to rest and be looked after. The cost is by Koha! Click here to enquire >>

Expanding our understanding of the second half of life

“Every stage of life has both purpose and gift,” says Joan Chittister in a recent email, “and there is nothing that a youth centered culture (like ours) needs more than it needs its ‘elders’.

We have set aside 3 dates in 2018 for older women (anywhere from 50 onwards!) to come and explore this vital time of life into which more healthy, well educated, aware, compassionate women are moving into, than ever before in history. We want to reclaim the ancient awareness that getting old is a privilege and comes with the vital responsibility that the Kaumatua of Piha’s Te Kawerau a Maki people named as ‘holding the beingness of the tribe’.

Let us become part of the global shift towards expanding our understanding of the second half of life.

If we could untangle the mysteries of life and unravel
the energies which run through the world;
if we could evaluate correctly
the significance of passing events;
if we could measure the struggles, dilemmas
and aspirations of mankind
we could find that nothing is born out of time.
Everything comes at its appropriate moment.
J. Sizao

Photo: The north end of Piha Beach where the cliff looks like a reclining woman! Piha, with its Kaumatua traditions at the northern end of the beach, is a great place to explore our developing future sacred role as older women. Our special weekends for developing this awareness are:

March 23 – 25th 2018
June 23 – 25th 2018
November 23 – 25th 2018

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