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WHEN: July 1-3, 2022
November 25-27, 2022 

We women are used to fixing problems!   Blocked drains, a power outage at mealtime; a grazed knee; ants in the pantry!   We know how to fix things!

But increasingly we look for friends or a professional counsellor to talk to because “problems are not always something to be fixed, but more a vital message to be listened to”

   Are you one of those friends who are so often asked to be the listener?  These two workshops are for you!

Facilitated by Bev Holt and Hilary Star
Hilary Star and I have been planning two weekends to encourage and up-skill women, not trained as counsellors but with life experience, compassion and a willingness to listen with skilful wisdom to your friends or to your own ‘problem / messages’. 

We will examine our natural skills, explore any hindrances we’ve discovered and work in pairs and small groups to practise seeing the ‘magic wisdom’ appear from our own and each others problems / messages.

The aim of these two weekends is to become part of the current surge of women regaining confidence in the feminine perspective for the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of our family, society and even our planet! 

ACCOMMODATION PRICES per night AS PER USUAL + $30 KOHA per day of the workshop. All meals provided.

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IMPORTANT: Please add the name of the weekend workshop you are booking for in the comments section of the booking form. Also please remember to let us know if you have any dietary requirements in the space provided on the form as catering preparations is done in advance for these events.

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