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Older Women Sharing Wisdom Weekends 2023

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May 19-21 2023
10-12 November 2023

Facilitated by Bev Holt and Sue Ashmore

“Come grow old with me.   The best is yet to be.   The half of life for which the first was made.   Trust ….. do not be afraid.”   Robert Browning’s poem of purpose, meaning and value will guide our weekend!

If these words express a longing deep within you OR, you know these words to be true in your experience, then, this Retreat is for you! 

Discussion questions we will cover are:
We are reaching the climax of our lives!   How are we Seniors ensuring that the “best is yet to be”?
– How has our first 50 years been ‘preparation’ for our second 50 years?   And for what purpose?
– And as for “trusting”…. trusting what? who? for what? and why would we?

Bev Holt, co-founder of Te Wahi Ora, will the guide our discussions and our lives will be the content of our weekend.

Let’s explore the possibility of becoming ELDERS rather than simply becoming  elderly!  

Let’s learn from other women also keen to keep up this wonderfully long human process of  ’becoming’!   

For instance originally we become an embryo, 
then a fetus,
then a baby, a child,  a teenager, 
(and that was just the beginning of our ‘beginnings’!
Then a young woman,
a working woman,
a wife, a mother, a wise woman, a crone
and perhaps, we will become an Elder!

What does ELDER mean?  Who in your experience has been an Elder to you?
And how does it happen?   

During this Retreat, we will explore this newly claimed territory for women and even whether there is a better word than ‘elder’!

An outline of how the weekend will unfold: 

Friday 19th – Sunday 21st May, 2023

Our programme has been designed to include ample time for rest and reflection. It’s important we do both!  And sharing our understandings with other women has powerful possibilities. 

Friday 19 May:  

Enjoy your afternoon trip across the Waitakere’s for a 6 pm dinner. 

Relax into evening introductions, settling into your room at Te Wahi Ora and into our weekend’s topic! You’ve earned an early night!

Saturday 20 May:  

Sleep in, relax with a book or enjoy the early stillness of a morning walk on the beach.

11 am  We meet to begin sharing our wisdom as we explore the path of becoming an ELDER!

Senior Women sharing food as well as their wisdom

1 pm LUNCH.

Afternoon free.

At 4 pm We gather to talk of our findings, our experiences and reflections begun in the morning!


Enjoy dinner around the fire.

Sunday 21 May:  A relaxed start to the day!   Breakfast in bed!

11 am Begins our new decisions around the task of becoming an ELDER in the 21st century!

1pm LUNCH, followed by farewells and a gentle, an unrushed return across the Waitakere Ranges.

Practical matters:

  • We have 3 rooms with en-suits available and 3 other rooms with a separate shared bathroom. Claim quickly what will suit you best!
  • Dace big news is THE PIHA ROAD IS OPEN. At long last!

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