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Author: Dace Kalnina

Painting Weekend

Posted in Te Wahi Ora Events

Painitng Weekend with Paz
14-16 October 2022

The purpose of this weekend is connect with your creative side and explore new path inside of you, that perhaps felt foreign to you. You will be able to create that path within!

Healing / Inspiration / Intuition / Creativity
You`ll be taken on a guided journey for 2 days and 1 night of “meditation” to be in the silent presence, discovering new places in Piha to inspire you to paint, connect with yourself and likeminded women.

Wild Weekend July 23-25 & August 20-22, 2021

Posted in Te Wahi Ora Events

Why? Why would I come away for a weekend in Winter!

Perhaps because Life is becoming increasingly like Surfing the Waves! Either overwhelming, forever being wiped out unexpectedly OR exhilarating fun! Let’s explore in our winter-walks and dinner-talks, how to have more exhilaration and less traumatisation!