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Wild Weekend July 23-25 & August 20-22, 2021

Posted in Te Wahi Ora Events

Why?   Why would I come away for a weekend in Winter!

Perhaps because Life is becoming increasingly like Surfing the Waves! Either overwhelming, forever being wiped out unexpectedly OR exhilarating fun!  Let’s explore in our winter-walks and dinner-talks, how to have more exhilaration and less traumatisation!

Why?   Because we humans are completely intertwined with the cycles and rhythms of nature so 48 hours of being immersed in the Wild West Coast can reassure us again that even the toughest season has inspiration and challenge that brings the best out in us!

Why?  Because, water, in any of its forms, is a great teacher showing us how to move through life with grace, ease, determination and humility. Let’s give ourselves a restful weekend of sleep, nurture and nature from 6pm Dinner on Friday 23rd July, to Sunday afternoon.

Accommodation Rates:

Cost will be our usual weekend prices (depending on your accommodation choice)

Seaview Suite and Daisy Lounge: $520 for 2 nights. All meals included.

Standard Accommodation: $360 for 2 nights. All meals included.

Beneficiary Rate: $280 for 2 nights. All meals included.

Once your booking is accepted a deposit of $75 is required. The deposit needs to be paid into the Te Wahi Ora Trust A/c 12-3232-0135899-00 to secure your booking.

If a cancellation must happen, your deposit can be transferred to any other weekend retreat.

Dietary Requirements

When booking please advise us of any special dietary requirements you have.

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