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A special relaxing weekend for counsellors and psychotherapists

Posted in Te Wahi Ora Events

On Winter Solstice, 19 – 21 June 2020, we are offering a special relaxing weekend for counsellors and psychotherapists.
Hosted by Judy Dransfield and Bev Holt.

We understand that the burnout rate for women doing this work is high, partly due to the volume of work and the increasing level of distress clients present.

A weekend of total relaxation by the fire, connecting with similar healers, ambling along the beach and enjoying conversations over lovely meals and massage, or just lots of sleep, may be just what you need on the shortest day and the longest night!

A donor has helped us offer the weekend at special rates:
$360 for deluxe, $300 for general rooms, $250 for low income,  for this special Therapists’ weekend, Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon.

Book Now. Only 6 rooms available. Meals exceptional.